Welcome to Colorado Springs!

Colorado Springs, CO is home to several Air Force and Army bases and the United States Air Force Academy. AvenueWest Colorado Springs has many fully furnished housing options within miles of each one:

Schriever Air Force Base
210 Falcon Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80912 * (719) 567-1110

Peterson Air Force Base
667 Ent Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80914 * (719) 556-7321
United States Air Force Academy
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO * (719) 333-2025
Fort Carson Army Base
6151 Specker Avenue, Fort Carson, CO 80913 * (719) 526-5811
We understand that many times you are being relocated with your family and even your pets and we have a mixture of fully furnished and all inclusive houses, condos, lofts, and town homes that will meet your housing needs while you are stationed in Colorado Springs.
To find out more information about our great rentals, please contact us: (719) 442-4337 or ColoradoSprings@avenuewest.com.